The Women's Association

Union Presbyterian Women (UPW) started in 1980 and has been the most vibrant and dedicated long serving organization in all of Union's 200 years, frequently having over 100 members. They conduct many fundraising events donating all of the proceeds to various church endeavors. They are the backbone of all the luncheons, dinners, and special events held throughout the year in the church.

They bake cookies, have yard sales, fellowship suppers, and a great variety of other events to raise funds and provide services. All fund-raising income goes toward church and community benefits such as quilt donations, hunger funds, world wide missions, Camp Donegal, Solanco Meals on Wheels, sunshine work, Solanco pastors fund, and numerous other church and community programs.

They have purchased numerous articles for the church property and most recently gave large donations which made possible the renovation of Union's magnificent stained glass "Rose Window" and renovations of our 85 year old beloved pipe organ.

One of the favorite winter activities of the association is getting together and making dozens of quilts, many of which are given to the needy. Many of Union's wonderful ladies have served the Church well through their devotion to the "circles" that meet regularly for bible study at various times over the month and for special occasions.

What is a "Circle"?

Union Presbyterian Women (UPW) is organized into small groups, called circles, that meet regularly to provide an inclusive, caring community of women. Circles are an integral part of UPW and members are encouraged to use UPW resources to strengthen and enrich the community of faith.

Circle #1& 2 meets the second Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m.

Circle #3 meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 

(Circles do not meet during July & August)