union cemetery association

Non Profit Cemetery Association located next to, but not affiliated with, Union Presbyterian Church at the intersection of PA 472 and Street Rd in Kirkwood, Lancaster Co. , PA. Founded 1865. Click here for more info or contact Marty Greenleaf at 717-529-2723 or cmgjag@epix.net.

1816-1980 - This is not an actual record of burials. It is a record of data taken from the tombstones in the cemetery. There may be burials that were not recorded on stones. This information is supplied for the convenience of people seeking information, but is not an actual cemetery record of interments. Much of the early cemetery records have been lost.

1980-January 1, 2024 - Post 1980 records are accurate burial records.

Veteran Records - Veteran Records as of December 31, 2023

We are missing some of the veteran information, please contact Marty Greenleaf at 717-529-2723 or cmgjag@epix.net if you know of any updates.

cemetery history

This monument lists the names of all persons buried in the original Union Presbyterian Church cemetery which is across the road from the present church. It adjoined the original 1816 building and was used from 1814-1880. The original markers, all in poor condition, were removed and replaced with a central memorial. Memorial Monument Unveiling Program with listing of original cemetery burials.